Our Story



As a couple we have always enjoyed a pamper treat at home. We found that after a stressful day it provided us with relaxation, after a good day it boosted our spirits and at the end of a difficult day it gave us a little bit of strength back.

Over the years we have tried many products and discovered that after a hard day at work there really was nothing better than coming home and running a hot bath, with a soothing facemask and lastly enjoying a cup of tea with a biscuit. As time went on, we introduced eye masks, lip masks, foot packs and candles into our little pampering routine.

Our light bulb moment came to us while discussing how much joy a spa day at home brings to us and how lovely it would be to find a way to help others relax and unwind.

And just like that our little business was born. Our first box was our specialty 'couple pamper' and it really blew us away by how much love it received from our customers. Shortly after we launched an extensive variety of boxes to meet the different needs of our customers to ensure that the perfect gift was merely a click away.

We did not stop there! We wanted to make sure that not only did our customers love our products, but the planet too! With this in mind, we started to consistently work on sourcing products that were of high quality, yet loving to our planet. This is an ongoing task, but one we love as where possible we try our best to provide environmentally friendly products.

Our story is only beginning, and we are so excited to share our next chapter with you all!

Thank you to all of our existing customers and our future ones too, for making our small business dreams come true!

Always grateful,
Simona and Sean